Mongie’s Let’s Play Webcomic Gets Anime Adaptation by OLM

In a thrilling New York Comic Con panel, Let’s Play webcomic creator Leeanne M. Krecic (aka “Mongie”), dropped an exciting bombshell: OLM Studios will produce an anime adaptation of her popular webcomic, launched initially on the Webtoon platform in 2016.

Webtoon is also publishing the series in English and describes the plot as:
She’s young, single and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible videogames. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse she finds out that same troublesome critic is now her new neighbor! A funny, sexy and all-too-real story about gaming, memes and social anxiety. Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.

Despite the comic’s third season concluding in September 2022, Mongie announced that she would no longer update it on Webtoon due to platform issues, including marketing and pay disparities. However, good news awaits fans, as Let’s Play is set to return in fall 2025, with the platform yet to be revealed. Rocketship Entertainment continues to make the comic accessible to English-speaking audiences. The third collected volume was released on June 27, further delighting fans.

The anime adaptation by OLM Studios is a significant development, promising to bring Let’s Play to life in an entirely new way. Stay tuned for more updates on this eagerly awaited project for fans of the webcomic and anime enthusiasts.

OLM is best known for the production of such anime as the Pokémon television anime. More recently, the studio has produced titles such as Komi Can’t Communicate, Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro 2nd Attack, and the upcoming Pon no Michi which will be coming out in January 2024.

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