Kyonyuu JK ga Ojisan Chinpo Gyaru Hentai Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Kyonyuu JK ga Ojisan Chinpo to Jupojupo Iyarashii Sex Shitemasu., a Schoolgirl and Gyaru hentai, has just celebrated its fifth anniversary.


This hentai is an adaptation of the CG with the same title by circle Lunatic Orgasm, which was released on April 30, 2015.

The popular company Lune Soft and its animation label Bunny Walker, released its first animated episode on October 5, 2018. This hentai about schoolgirls loving older men came to an end on November 2 of the same year with two animated episodes.


Sana, Chika and Anko are three big-breasted schoolgirls who started their sex life with older men. After a few days, the girls meet online and plan a triple date at a love hotel to have an orgy with their mature lovers.


In Japan, it received an excellent reception. According to Getchu store, Kyonyuu JK ga Ojisan Chinpo to Jupojupo Iyarashii Sex Shitemasu. was one of the top 20 hentai of 2018.

On the other hand, it didn’t perform as well internationally as it did in Japan. While the anime gained popularity, it was overshadowed by Muttsuri Dosukebe Russia and Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e.


  1. The original work was illustrated by artist Mochikuu Usagi.
  2. Some time after the CG was released, three one-shots were published, each dedicated to one of the main characters. These one-shots are Houkago Gohoushi Time, Girl❤Next❤Door☆, and Sojuku Chocolate.
  3. This is the first and only hentai anime by Lunatic Orgasm circle.
  4. The voice actress who portrayed the character Chika was Aira Sakika, who is better known for voicing the characters Hitomi and Nagina in Saimin Seishidou.
  5. The voice actress for Anko was Tsubakino Nao, who also lent her voice to the character Nagisa in Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain Dakedo Mi ni Konai? and Eri in Succubus Yondara Haha ga Kita!?.
  6. The true identity of seiyuu who played Sana’s character is unknown.

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