Hell’s Paradise Author Teases New Projects

New Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku projects are in the works, according to the manga author Yuji Kaku. It’s unclear whether this relates to the upcoming second season of the anime or the manga. Kaku’s post reads:
October is ending in the blink of an eye amidst my busy schedule… The end of the year gets hectic with all sorts of things, doesn’t it? Various announcements related to Hell’s Paradise: Jigoku Raku are scheduled moving forward too. We’ll disseminate them through official accounts and here sequentially, so I’d be delighted if you’d follow along. Also, I’m thinking I’ll work on scribbles (studies) in my free moments when I can. I appreciate your support.

Kaku also revealed a new Halloween illustration, which joins many manga and light novel series in commemorating the season. The Classroom of the Elite light novel series released stunning illustrations of the second-year students, Spice and Wolf featured a witch-themed Holo, and Re:Zero‘s Rem, Ram and Emilia received new anime visuals.

insert image of new halloween image by yuji kaku
Yuji Kaku Halloween visual

The first of any new Hell’s Paradise projects is likely new information on season 2, which was announced with a trailer on July 1, 2023. Season 1 suffered from production issues but Eric Himmelheber of Anime Corner gave it a strong recommendation in his anime review, calling it “undoubtedly one of the best new anime of 2023.” The opening theme song, “Work,” by Ringo Sheena and Millennium Parade was also among Anime Corner’s Top Anime Opening Picks of the Spring 2023 season.

Yuji Kaku’s Jigokuraku manga was published on Shueisha’s online Shonen Jump+ platform from January 22, 2018, to January 25, 2021, and was collected in 13 tankobon volumes. The manga spawned an anime adaptation by Studio MAPPA that aired from April to July 2023. The manga series has over 4mn copies in circulation as of October 2023.

MANGA Plus gives this official synopsis for the Hell’s Paradise manga:
Even an invincible killer may not be able to survive Hell’s Paradise!

Source: Official X/Twitter

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