Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Shows Off David, Rebecca and Lucy Figures, 2024 Release Date

Good Smile Company announced new additions to the POP UP PARADE line and one thing they all have in common is that they are from the studio TRIGGER anime. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is featured in new David, Lucy, and Rebecca figures set to be in June 2024. Shintaro Egashira (KLAMP STUDIO) sculpted the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners figures and Shun Hayami, also of KLAMP STUDIO, painted them. The height specifications for the figures are below:

  • David: 170mm
  • Rebecca: 165mm
  • Lucy: 175mm

The POP UP PARADE Cyberpunk: Edgerunners figures are inspired by Rafal Jaki and Mike Pondsmith’s original anime of the same name, set in the same universe as the Cyberpunk 2077 game. The anime series was released on Netflix in 2022 to critical acclaim and Anime Corner had the opportunity to break down its success with Bartosz Sztybor, a screenwriter and producer for the series. The figures can be preordered from Good Smile Company here.

The Japanese cast behind the characters:

  • Kenn/Zach Aguilar as David Martinez
  • Aoi Yuki/Emi Lo as Lucy Kushinada
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa/Alex Cazares as Rebecca

In addition to the Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Kill la Kill’s Ryuko is also getting a 255mm figure. Maoji sculpted the $60 figure, which was painted by Tomofumi (WATANA BOX) and announced for April 2024. Similar to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Kill la Kill featured Studio Trigger’s trademark production style and set the foundation for Studio Trigger anime going forward. Kill la Kill received widespread praise for Ryuko’s character, as well as the anime’s rapid pacing which kept viewers engaged throughout. Ami Koshimizuku/Erica Mendez voiced Ryuko in the anime.

ryuko figure
Ryuko – 255mm

Source: Good Smile Company
© 2022 CD PROJEKT S.A.; ©TRIGGER,Kazuki Nakashima/Kill laKill Partnership

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