Aoharu Snatch 02 First Images Finally Revealed

Good morning guys! Remember that a few days ago the Aoharu Snatch 02 trailer was leaked? Well, today Getchu published the first images of this OVA!

In these images we see new scenes that don’t appear in the trailer, for example, the final scene where we see the literature club president completely fucked.

If you’re fans of this hentai, don’t forget that its second OVA will be released on October 20.


At the literature club camp, the abusers gang rape the president in turns. That same night, Makoto, who does not know that she became a sex slave, confesses her feelings to him and the two begin dating.

Although Shiori’s life changed when she became Makoto’s girlfriend, there is one thing she cannot forget, the pleasure she feels from being raped by her abusers. Although it is late, Makoto returns to the literature club unaware that his girlfriend Shiori is having a gang bang with the other members of the club.


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