One Piece Anime Debuts Opening 25, Song “The Peak” by Sekai no Owari

ONE PIECE anime released episode 1074, and it features a new anime opening (25) with theme song The Peak” by the Japanese pop band SEKAI NO OWARI. It comes about a year and a half since we first heard “PAINT” by I Don’t Like Mondays, which has been used since episode 1005 aired on January 9, 2022. Watch the the new opening for ONE PIECE:

ONE PIECE – Anime Opening 25 | Song “The Peak” by Sekai no Owari

Prior to the episode, a teaser video and images for the new opening were released yesterday. The anime is also recently introduced a new ending theme, which was the first ending theme song we heard after over 17 years.

The ONE PIECE episode 1074 preview revealed the title to be “I Trust Momo – Luffy’s Final Powerful Technique!” Luffy is still smiling and seemingly playing with the Yonko, and Momo will also be getting some spotlight. Previously in the anime, both Sanji and Zoro received amazing episodes for their fights’ conclusion, and Luffy is almost there too!

ONE PIECE Episode 1075 & Chapter 1091 Release Date

Episode 1075 of the anime will release next Sunday on September 10, while the ONE PIECE manga will return from its break and release chapter 1091 later today. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll, while you can catch up to the latest manga chapter for free on either the VIZ website or the MANGA Plus website. 

Netflix has also released all 8 episodes of the ONE PIECE live-action on August 31!

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