Nur Announces Second ‘so_low’ OVA and a Completely New Hentai!

Good morning guys, this morning I bring you some excellent hentai news! To start off, I’m going to tell you about two new releases from Nur label. The first one is about so_low’s second OVA. If you don’t remember, this is the hentai about spoiled twins who try to get rid of their private tutor.


Kasumi is being fucked by her private teacher Kouta. Although she tries to intimidate him with insults, that attitude makes him even hornier.

Mitsuki didn’t know about her older sister’s sexual abuse, but she learns the truth when she and her teacher get sexually close in the closet.

The Nur’s second OVA announced today is about a new series titled Shunka Shuutou. Please note that we’re not sure if that’s its actual name in romanji.


Miharu Aragaki is an exemplary and very kind high school student who constantly receives love confessions, which she instantly rejects. However, her gentle personality is actually a facade because she has a hidden personality.

Currently, Miharu worried because she’s being harassed by someone. Due to her problem, she seeks help from Shiki Sasahara, the school counselor. He knows Miharu’s true personality, and she has no choice but to have sex with Shiki so that he will assist her.

if you’re fans of Nur label, you’ll want to know that both OVAs are going to be released on December 22.

We’ll keep you informed when there are updates on this news.



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