Chisato and Takina’s Magical Girl Outfits Unveiled

Chisato and Takina’s magical girl outfits for their previously announced collaboration with Magia Record have been revealed, along with details for the limited-time event.

As some fans had theorized, the Lycoris Recoil-themed crossover begins just before Chisato’s birthday on September 23, with an additional login bonus to commemorate her birthday for forty-eight hours. The “Agent Magica” event will run from 16:00 on September 22 to 14:59 on October 6.

You can check out the artwork for the new characters below!

Magia Record is a mobile game based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and allows players to put together a team of magical girls with gacha mechanics and an RPG gameplay loop. The game is available only in Japan after the North American version of the game was de-listed from storefronts in 2019.

Lycoris Recoil anime was voted by fans as Anime Corner’s Best Anime of the Summer 2022 Season, with a new anime production announced in February 2023. Until then, we can simply enjoy their magical girl vibes!

Source: Magia Record Official X Account, Comic Natalie
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