Avatar Generations Launches on Mobile Devices

The world of Avatar is finally getting a new entry, and it’s a mobile gacha game, titled Avatar Generations. Generatons promises to revisit famous locations, relive famous scenes, and with a team of beloved characters to play things out again. Billed as a “mobile adventure”, Avatar Generations is a turn-based mobile title that lets players control the elements of nature: water, earth, fire, air, and boomerang. To add to the immersion of a memorable Avatar experience, it sounds like the cast reprised their roles.

Avatar Generations Launch Trailer

Avatar Generations will be a recounting of Avatar: The Last Airbender, starting from the earliest episodes, with periodic updates providing more of the story for players to experience. However, it won’t just be The Last Airbender that players will be able to revisit, but parts of the extended universe will be made available in updates, including The Rise of Kyoshi and The Legend of Korra, as promised by Korra herself appearing in the launch trailer above.

The developers have promised that the story they weave will “closely follows the iconic plot points of the series”, they may have hinted at original stories, as they said that their game also “offers new adventures in the Avatar world.” However, players won’t be relegated to just using the heroes: villains such as General Zhao are shown to be part of the summon banner and in the playable character list.

Avatar Generations Character List

Avatar Generations is a free-to-play, gacha-style game where players use in-game currency to “draw” characters and items, a random drawing where the odds of certain characters or items being drawn are dependent on the rarity, and rare items tend to be more powerful.

Avatar Generations Summon Banner

Players will need to level up and enhance their characters with equipment for battle. There will also be cosmetic items to make characters that much more appealing. The game is available now for iPhone/iPad from the App Store and for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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