Attack on Titan Anime Finale To Be Broadcast as Two-Part Special

Attack on Titan anime surprised the fans of the series earlier today with a first trailer for the big finale, as well as an announcement about the broadcast schedule. The third part of the final season will, ironically, air as a two-part special in 2023. The first half is coming on March 3 (24:25 JST; Japan TV time doesn’t stop at midnight) while the second will air sometime this year. Although there is some confusion among the fans with many publications claiming that this is a first cour of the season – there is zero indication that that is the case. We are most likely looking at a special episode that is going to be slightly longer than the usual 23 minutes. There are only nine chapters of the manga left to adapt.

Prior to the first half of the finale special, a special 7-episode recap of all 78 episodes of Attack on Titan will air in Japan on February 25-27. The production committee apologized to the fans for the wait, while stating that they wanted to make a product that would meet everyone’s expectations. The premiere date for the second half of Attack on Titan‘s conclusion will be unveiled as soon as it’s finalized.

Studio MAPPA took over WIT Studio after the third season of Attack on Titan anime. The fourth season of the anime was titled Attack on Titan Final Season. Part 2 aired last year (Winter 2022 anime season) and after the final episode, the anime revealed that the conclusion will be done in 2023. The conclusion should fully adapt the story of Hajime Isayama’s manga. A key visual was recently revealed:

The trailer features the Rumbling, as well as Eren, who is excitedly yelling about finally being free.

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