Nijisanji’s ChroNoiR Unit To Get Short Anime ChroNoiR Episode 0

Nijisanji-affiliated Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) Kuzuha and Kanae are receiving an anime adaptation titled ChroNoiR Episode 0 as ChroNoiR Animation Project. The two streamers are the members of ChroNoiR unit and the premiere date is set for 2023. An original song will also follow.

The two VTubers are voicing themselves in the short anime which has a total of four characters listed (spelling is yet to be officially confirmed):

  • Alexandre Ragusa – Kuzuha
  • Kanae – Kanae
  • Roto – Not Announced Yet
  • Shaman – Not Announced Yet

The official website of the project describes the ChroNoiR Episode 0 as “based on a true story of 150 years ago that Kanae and Kuzuha speak about” and the plot as:
A vampire on a mission and a human traveling with a black cat. They spun a story of meeting and parting a story of encounter and parting.

On the same day, the unit’s first full album “UP 2 YOU”, which went on sale in October 2022, was released digitally on online services. In addition, advertisements for their activity in 2022 have been placed at Tokyo Skytree Town and will be available until December 18.

nijisanji chronoir
Nijisanji’s VTubers Kuzuha and Kanae’s unit ChroNoiR

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Kuzuha and Kanae have been active since 2018 and are the first two VTubers in the Nijisanji group to have surpassed 1 million subscribers on YouTube, in September 2021 and May 2022 respectively. Kuzuha is also the first male VTuber to make the milestone in the world. Both of them have over million followers on Twitter as well. The name of their unit, ChroNoiR, was decided during a collaborative stream in July 2018.

Source: Official Website, PR TIMES

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