Uncle From Another World Anime Returns With New Episodes, Preview for Episode 8 Released

Uncle From Another World anime will return with episode 8 on November 24 and preview images and trailer for the 8th episode along with synopsis have been revealed. The anime began airing in July 2022, however, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and episodes 1-7 were rebroadcasted in Japan. Atelier Pontdarc is animating the adaptation.

The anime describes the plot of the episode in English as:
Alicia had earned the title of Sacred Hero. Because Ojisan had erased her memory, Alicia and her friends were given the credit for the defeat of the goblin horde, a title that was not appropriate for a novice adventurer. Ojisan, believing that an undeserved title is dangerous, heads to the capital to clear up the misunderstanding. However, he discovers that there is a cowardly plot behind Alicia and the others being feted as heroes… Ojisan debunks the otherworldly people with low awareness of human rights with a modern sense of ethics!?

In the preview trailer, three adventurers, Alicia (Aki Toyosaki), Edger (Kenichi Suzumura), and Raiga (Nobuhiko Okamoto) talk about the Uncle in the narration. You can check the video on KADOKAWA’s official YouTube channel below:

Uncle From Another World Anime Episode 8 Preview Trailer

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Atelier Pontdarc’s Uncle from Another World anime is being animated based on Hotondoshinderu’s manga of the same name being serialized on WebComic A’PANTA. The manga released the latest, 8th volume in August 2022 and surpassed 3 million circulating copies. Yen Press has licensed the manga for English releases and released the 5th volume in August 2022. 

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