Uncle From Another World Anime Releases Preview for Episode 9

Uncle From Another World anime released preview images and trailer for episode 9 along with synopsis. The anime began airing in July 2022, however, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It returned last week with eight episode after episodes 1-7 were rebroadcasted in Japan. The 9th episode is scheduled to broadcast on December 1. Atelier Pontdarc is animating the adaptation.

The anime describes the plot of the episode in English as:
One day in August, the highest temperatures were recorded all over Japan. Ojisan and Takafumi were unable to think straight due to the heat. They succeed in cooling the room with magic instead of an air conditioner, but the fish head they prepared as an offering to the spirits looks unusually delicious. Ojisan realizes that this is an aftereffect of his previous transformation into a dragon as a reaction to his forced use of magic. He once again feels the risk of transformation magic. He recalls the time when, even in another world, after being transformed into the legendary blaze dragon, his spirit was taken over and he was unable to return.

In the preview trailer, the Uncle (Takehito Koyasu) tells the Elf (Haruka Tomatsu) that he is interested in ancient magical tools she has been collecting for a reason which he may be able to find a clue about his native place. The video is available for a limited time on KADOKAWA’s official YouTube channel below:

Uncle From Another World Anime Episode 9 Preview Trailer

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AUncle from Another World anime is based on Hotondoshinderu’s manga of the same name being serialized on WebComic A’PANTA. The manga released the latest, 8th volume in August 2022 and surpassed 3 million circulating copies. Yen Press has licensed the manga for English releases and released the 5th volume in August 2022. 

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