Liar Liar Anime Gets Teaser Visual, Trailer, Cast and 2023 Premire

The upcoming anime adaptation of Haruki Kuo’s Liar Liar light novel released a teaser visual and trailer along with cast information. Studio GEEKTOYS is animating it and the premiere date is set for 2023. The anime adaptation was previously announced in April 2021.

The newly-released teaser visual shows the protagonist Hiroto Shinohara at the center, his maid Shirayuki Himeji on the left, and Sarasa Saionji on the right.

Liar Liar Anime Teaser Visual

Genta Nakamura is voicing the protagonist Hiroto Shinohara. Yukina Shuto, who voiced Shizuku Hyodo in Idoly Pride and Haru Urara in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is acting as Shirayuki Himeji, while Wakana Kuramochi who voiced Lilia Kudelfeyt in Vermeil in Gold: The Failing Student and the Strongest Scourge Plunge Into the World of Magic and Caph in The Duke of Death and His Maid, is voicing the role of Sarasa Saionji.

Satoru Ono and Naoki Matsuura are directing the Liar Liar anime adaptation. Yumi Nakamura is the character designer, while Momoka Toyoda is in charge of the series composition. You can check the newly-released teaser trailer on KADOKAWA’s official YouTube channel below:

Liar Liar Anime Teaser Trailer

The light novel’s illustrator konomi and the manga’s artist Funa Yuki drew illustrations to celebrate the anime adaptation.

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Studio GEEKTOYS is animating Haruki Kuo’s Liar Liar light novel with art by konomi being published under KADOKAWA’s light novel label BF Bunko J. The light novel released the first volume in April 2019 and the latest, 12th volume is scheduled to be released on November 25. The manga adaptation by Funa Yukina has been ongoing in KADOKAWA’s Monthly Comic Alive since August 2019.

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