Revenger Original Anime Announced With Trailer and Visual

A new original anime titled Revenger is coming our way. Produced by NITRO PLUS and Shochiku, the new anime project revealed a visual and a teaser trailer but not much else. The release date is still unknown, along with studio and staff information.

The plot details haven’t been revealed either, but the teaser trailer features a sword fighter and a voice over.

Situation with the teaser visual is similar:


NITRO PLUS is a visual novel developer, known for Phantom of Inferno, Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa, and Smile of the Arsnotoria, among others. They are known for their dark themes and eroge visual novels. NITRO PLUS also has a Nitro+Chiral subsidiary, which focuses on Boys’ Love content (DRAMAtical Murder) and has collaborated with TYPE-MOON in the past on the infamous Fate/Zero light novel series.

Shochiku is a Japanese movie studio, which also produces and distributes anime movies. They were originally formed as a kabuki production company. They produced a number of anime titles in recent years, including Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll movie, The Ancient Magus’ Bride TV anime, Sonny Boy, and more.

Source: Revenger Official Website
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