PLAYISM GAME SHOW - TGS 2022 Preview Reveals Six New Titles Coming to PC, Console

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World premiere of Rusted Moss, DRAINUS, Ib, other titles part of live broadcast

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  • PLAYISM GAME SHOW - TGS 2022 Preview, the newest edition of the digital showcase highlighting the latest games from Japan’s oldest indie game publisher renowned for titles Bright Memory: Infinite, Gnosia, and DEEEER Simulator, featured six new reveals including a world premiere. Rewatch PLAYISM’s pre-Tokyo Game Show broadcast now on YouTube.
  • PLAYISM announced that it will localize and publish Rusted Moss, the physics-based metroidvania that replaces double jumps with a bouncy grappling hook from developers, faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze for PC in 2023. Learn to master the physics-driven bungee movement tech to skillfully navigate interconnected environments while blasting away at foes magical and mechanical alike in 360-degree combat.
  • PLAYISM will bring to Steam worldwide Valkyrie of Phantasm, the aerial action game filled with barrages of bullets set in the Touhou Project universe, available in Early Access beginning Sunday, October 23. The newest game from Touhou Sky Arena developer Areazero, Valkyrie of Phantasm was previously only available at Touhou fan conventions but will soon be accessible to Touhou fans around the world.
  • PLAYISM and Why so serious answer fans’ prayers with the official reveal of a Nintendo Switch version of DRAINUS, he bullet-absorbing side-scrolling shootert from the developer of Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- and Touhou Luna Nights.
  • The show featured the announcement remake of Ib, the cult adventure game set in an art museum by kouri, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this winter, following its successful release on Steam for PC.
  • Additionally, PLAYISM will release console versions of Marfusha, the breakneck card-based shooting side-scroller by hinyari9, and Drago Noka, the village-building simulator from the POV of a dragon-riding city manager by GeSEI unkan.
  • “We appreciate everyone who tuned in, and we’re excited to continue our mission of bringing amazing games from talented creators to audiences and platforms they would struggle to reach on their own,” said Shunji Mizutani, Executive Producer of PLAYISM. “I will say, our social media manager is relieved they no longer have to keep their lips sealed whenever they see a ‘DRAINUS on Switch when?!’ tweet.”
  • For more information on PLAYISM, please visit the PLAYISM Game Show official web page or the PLAYISM official website, and follow @PlayismEN on Twitter.

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