Overlord IV Reveals Preview for Season Finale

Overlord IV (Season 4) revealed a preview for the finale, which is set to air on Tuesday, September 20. This week’s special preview is narrated by Climb, who is doing his best to protect his princess. Ryota Osaka is voicing Climb. As always, the regular preview is narrated by Ainz, who is voiced by Satoshi Hino:

Overlord IV – Finale Preview

As the Re-Estize Kingdom succumbs to the attack, Ramposa III prepares to receive conquerers himself. He sends all his men away and advises princess Renner to leave through a hidden passageway. However, she refuses. Ramposa tells Climb to hide treasures in the hidden passageways and Climb is unable to deny this request. Once he is done he rushes back to the throne room but he find Ainz there… The finale of Overlord IV is titled “The Witch of the Falling Kingdom“.

Overlord IV – Finale Preview (Special Ver.)

Naoyuki Ito is directing the Overlord Season 4 (Overlord IV) anime, with Satoshi Tasaki on character designs. Yukie Sugawara is overseeing the series composition and also writing the screenplay.

The Overlord anime series is based on light novels written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. The first season of the anime adaptation aired in 2015. Season 2 and season 3 both aired in 2018, with studio MADHOUSE animating. Two recap movies by MADHOUSE were also released along the way. A new movie is also in the works and it will cover the Holy Kingdom Arc.

Source: Kadokawa Anime’s YouTube Channel
©Kugane Maruyama, KADOKAWA / Overlord 4 Production Committee

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