Survey Shows More Than 94% of Japan Creators Concerned About AI

A survey conducted by a private organization in Japan revealed that approximately 90% of creators expressed concerns regarding AI technology, including ChatGPT.

Survey Shows More Than 94% of Japanese Creators Concerned About AI

The survey, conducted by a private organization consisting mainly of artists, focused on AI’s impact on creative activities and rights protection. Out of approximately 25,000 creators who participated in the survey, it was found that about 94% expressed concerns about the potential negative effects of AI, such as infringement of rights. We already know About Japanese Artist Kills Himself Because AI Steal His Drawing.

The survey reported cases where rights infringement had already occurred, such as instances where illustrations were plagiarized by AI and distributed on foreign websites, or where publicly available voices were unauthorizedly used and sold as voice changer models by AI.

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The organization aims to seek regulations that would require disclosure of the original data created by AI and establish mechanisms for fair compensation to address these issues caused by AI’s creations.

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to the development and implementation of computer systems or machines that can perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. AI technology enables machines to mimic human cognitive abilities such as learning, problem-solving, decision-making, perception, and language understanding. These systems are designed to process and analyze large amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make predictions or decisions based on the acquired knowledge. AI can be categorized into two types: narrow AI, which is designed to perform specific tasks, and general AI, which possesses human-level intelligence and can perform a wide range of intellectual tasks.

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