Japanese VA Yukari Tamura Being Harassed and Stalked By Fans

Yukari Tamura, known for her voice acting roles such as (Jibril from No Game No Life), (Rika Furude from Higurashi) and (Mine from Akame ga kill), has recently been subjected to stalking and harassment by some of her fans. On May 1, her team issued a press release, which revealed that several individuals associated with her, including other artists and team members, have also been targeted. The statement appealed to the offenders to cease this inappropriate conduct.

Japanese VA Yukari Tamura Being Harassed and Stalked By Fans
Yukari Tamura

Yukari Tamura Team Press Release

At the beginning of the document, “Thank you for always supporting Yukari Tamura. Also, thank you again to all of you who have been following your manners.

On top of that, Over a period of time, a few individuals have been observed engaging in the alarming behavior of pursuing, trailing, and troubling Yukari Tamura, along with other performers and their associates during their travels. Such actions are strictly prohibited. If any such conduct is found to be linked to a fan club member, their membership will be revoked and they will be prohibited from rejoining.

Additionally, the press release itemizes several instances of harassment that have been witnessed against Yukari Tamura.

Japanese VA Yukari Tamura Being Harassed and Stalked By Fans
Yukari Tamura Characters

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Troublesome behavior while Traveling:

Waiting at airports, train stations or stations trying to predict the boarding time. Follow, chat or stalk when moving through an airport or train station. Boarding internationally in the same aircraft and vehicle, or sitting very close. Go back and forth near a seat that is being used.

Troublesome behavior at Accommodation Facilities, Shops, etc:

Waiting or stalking at the location or store being visited.
Deliberately using the same accommodation or shop.


Acts of posting and disseminating images, videos, etc. of moving on SNS etc. (We have already confirmed the corresponding post)
Attempts to directly contact persons related to Tamura Yukari or to obtain information (reports have been received from persons concerned)
Taking photos, videos, or recordings during the performance or while traveling
Ignoring staff’s warnings or restraints
All actions that cause inconvenience to others

The press release also Pointed out, Such actions not only cause inconvenience to the artists themselves, all those involved, public authorities and related facilities, and the general public in the vicinity, but also cause unexpected problems, accidents, etc. We ask you not to do so

They pointed out that some people are trying to post their travels on SNS or contact them directly. “Acts that infringe on privacy, not only during live performances and events, are considered stalking behaviors.

Source: Livedoor

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