A Single Tweet Made Idol Retirement in Japan

On April 18th, a tweet surfaced on social media platforms, garnering over 1 million views. This tweet caused the idol Aira Shirasagi to Retirement. In the tweet, a man took pictures and a brief video of Aira Shirasagi speaking loudly on a train with a group of individuals and shared it online.

He said,

There was a group of seven mediocre people, men and women, acting idiotically and making noise while blocking the entrance and exit of the train, hindering the movement of the other passengers and making the situation uncomfortable. When I took a closer look at their faces, I noticed that they were wearing white Dramatic Record T-shirts. I could have ignored the situation, but since they were hugging and holding each other’s hands in public, causing a stir, I decided to tweet about it.

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Aira Shirasagi defended herself by explaining that she was simply accompanying a friend who had attended their concert. While admitting that she was being loud, she also apologized for it. However, Aira was frustrated by the unfounded allegations that she was flirting with others.

A Single Tweet Made Idol Retirement in Japan

Despite her efforts to clarify the situation, this single post led to her retirement from the group. In idol terminology, “graduate” refers to leaving or retiring from the group. Her final performance with the Dramatic Record group will be on May 11th, which also happens to be her birthday.

The management of the group posted a document on Twitter on May 2nd, titled “Notice of Shirasagi Aira Graduation.” The statement revealed that Aira Shirasagi would be leaving the group on May 11, 2023 (Thursday).

Source: jcast, Twitter

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